About Queen Equestrian

Queen Equestrian was established in 2017.  Our designer Charlotte – a passionate equestrian and qualified Fashion Designer understood exactly what was missing from the equestrian world and what equestrians would want from their riding apparel. Through years of competing and studying and working in the Australian high end fashion industry Charlotte developed an idea to create a brand that is quality, class, fashion forward, royal and unique.

QUEEN EQUESTRIAN™ is an elite new age of equestrian apparel that always hits current trends, remains affordable and durable.  Developed from a passion of high fashion, to always be fashion forward and an idea to bring runway looks to the equestrian world while remaining affordable for all equestrians. Every piece has been meticulously designed, trialed and tested in training, in the barn and in the show ring, giving us absolute confidence you will love our pieces just as much as we do! Designed from original thought, innovative ideas and pure passion we bring to you a range that ticks all the boxes! A range you can wear in multiple different ways and for all occasions, in and out of the saddle. We understand how clothing can make you feel, the right clothing wraps around your skin and makes you shine from within. We wanted to bring you clothing that you not only love to wear but clothing that makes you feel good so you can step out in the equestrian world with confidence. We also understand that behind every rider there is always a team of support behind her and because of this we are creating pieces that are perfect for the entire team! With lots on the horizon we can’t wait to share what is in store for all our horse lovers.

Queen Equestrian™ is revolutionary, creating new and improved equestrian silhouettes and styles that are changing the equestrian "uniform". Here you will find original pieces created from scratch from our tertiary educated designer and owner. Our mission is to continue to produce new and innovative never seen before designs. Stand out from the crowd and feel amazing in the items you wear on and off your horse. We are more than just an equestrian brand... we are a lifestyle... we are Queen Equestrian™